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Genoa is the most important city in Liguria, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, one of the main maritime towns in Italian history. Petrarch called it "proud" and "lady of the sea".

Its port is among the most important of southern Europe. It is a city laden with history whose monuments, squares and building witness to its past glory. Its medieval section, with Piazza San Matteo, the Cathedral and the old port, is the oldest one and its ancient charm is very well preserved.

On the other hand, its Renaissance pomp is very well represented by the wonderful Doria Pamphili palace, the Palazzo Reale, (a good example of Genoese patrician mansion) and by Via Garibaldi, one of the most monumental streets in Italy, lined with 16/17 century palaces with porticos, courtyards and frescoed chambers.

Altitude: 25 m.
Popolation: 659.754 inhabitants
International airports: Cristoforo Colombo, at Sestri Ponente, 7 km from Genoa
Postal code: 16100
Country/area code: (+39) 010
Regional Information: Via Fieschi 15, tel. 010-54851
City Information: Via Roma 11, tel. 010-576791- fax 010-581408

Traveler's tip

The International Nautical Show, a real must for every boating retailer and fan, takes place every year in October. "The Regatta of the Ancient Sea Republics" is about navigation too. It is a competition between Genoa, Pisa, Venice and Amalfi. This regatta takes place in Genoa every four years.

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