Genova - NW Coast of Italy - Locator JN44KK


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Hi all,

here is 1AT507 Andrea from Genova - Italy, North West coast of mediterranean sea.

I born on 31 May 1971 and now I'm 39 years old. In October 2001 to marry my wife Roberta and just 25 December 2002 she give me a best gift of my life !!! She has borne my first daughter; "Ambra" and two years after (15 December 2004) borne my second daughter "Giada". They are my princes.

We have also a lovely cat named Minou.

My job is crane operator in a big stell industry of my town.

My hobbies was motorcycle (trial speciality), snowboarding and of course radio DX. I start my DX activity in 1994 and my  call sign upon a time was: 1VC345 - 1IT601 - 1SD109 - 1SDŲ13 - 1AT1432. Now, I have only one call sign 1AT507 got in 1997.

This is my first homepage, here is possible to find some photos about me, my family and my hobbies.

In my family was also another Alfa Tango member: my sister 1AT170 Elisa but she use other radio shack.

73's de 1AT507 Andrea